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The Greyhound is usually known nowadays as the racing dog. The origin of the name Greyhound is derived its name from the Old English Greyhound. Before times they were found only in grey color. This is one of the oldest breeds in the world, their photos can be seen on pictograms in Ancient Egypt. Its life span is around 11 to 12 years. Many people claim that maybe this hound is from the middle east and others say it was from Greece. But their origin is still a mystery. All the recent breeds are believed to have originated from England because many people believe in the 5th or 6th century they were introduced in the United Kingdom. Nowadays they can be found in almost every corner of the world.

In the 19th century in India, their extensive crosses were done to improve their speed and also the change in their appearances which we can see now. They were descended from early Afghan Hounds with the old Indian Greyhound breed. They can be found in the Northern Region of India and they’re also called North Indian Greyhound.

Their Speed and their Unique Aspects

Greyhounds are excellent with children and are great family pets because of their low temperament. At times they are more friendly and compassionate that they forget their size before jumping on you. He has an amazing sight that helps him to chase rabbits and hares, it is the most unique aspect of Greyhound’s ability to see. this is all because of their position of eyes, they have a long elongated skull with a tapering muzzle which helps them to see a 270-degree field of vision. He can see behind his head too. They gain the title “Ferrari” because of their running speed in Animal Kingdom, as this breed can run at a speed of 45 miles per hour within 30 feet. If you have a Greyhound then you would see that they cannot sit on the hind legs on the ground. Their height can be up to 34-38 Inches and their weight can be around 22-38 Kg.

Training a Greyhound

It is fairly easy to train any Greyhound. They’re never difficult for the house train too. Because of their subtle nature and quick learning ability they have an average intelligence too. They will mostly listen to the one person in the family whom they see as their masters because they are essentially pack animals. It is the most important thing to teach your Greyhound is to respond to recall upon his master. These breeds can meet with accidents if they’re not trained properly because they’re really fast in responding. It has to be trained to socialize, especially with smaller animals and other animals as they were trained to develop to chase or something which can scare others.

Grey Hound Race In India

Betting on Greyhounds Their Races In India

Dog racing was started on a lower level for the first time in India, Punjab and Maharashtra were the two states where the Greyhound race was started. This sport was not a modern invention it was succeeded by the British raj in India when the dogs were chasing rabbits. The Maharashtra Dog Racecourses have also passed the Licensing Bill.

In Maharashtra, Six dogs participated in a total of eight races in a meeting. The dogs were lined up in boxes when a mechanical hare was released and the race was started. All the rules of the game were laid down by the National Greyhound Racing Club. the track was 200 meters curved and longed and the hounds have to run up and down on the partly muddy and tar.

There were two formats for the Greyhound race. The first was track racing in which two dogs chase a mechanical lure, this idea was taken from Punjab which was borrowed from the United States of America. The second format was the dogs were running behind their owner’s or any rider’s motorbike. Timings were recorded individually for each and every dog that participated in the race. In the second format, they are keeping the timings of the riders too.

Western Maharashtra, Sangli, Satara, Karad, Kolhapurregions like semi-urban were excited about this new animal sport. Dog racing was banned just like bullock cart racing, snake catching, hunting was banned so the locals have found Greyhound race for entertainment. At least one or two races have been held each day.

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