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Horse Racing Is One Of The Sports Games. In This Game, Race More Than Two Horses With Horseman. And In Some Races Even Without Horsemen

Horse Racing In India Has Been Going On For 200 Years; The First Racecourse In India Was Held In Madras In 1977. Today India Is A Very Well Established Racing And Breeding Industry

Racing Is Limited To Indian Race Horses. And India Has A Well Placed Breeding Industry With Horses From All Over The World. Indian Indian Stud Book Maintains Records Of All Activities In India

There Is A Mix Of Both Pull Betting And Early Betting In India. Horse Racing Is Now Affected And Betting In India Is Facing Loss Of Revenue Due To 28% GST Imposed

Best Horse Racing Site For Betting In India.


Madras Race Club

Delhi Race Club

Bangalore Turf Club

Hyderabad Race Club

Royal Western India Turf Club

Horse Racing Betting Are Legal.


Yes, speculators Have Vast Authority. Putting Money On A Horse Foot Is A Skill And Therefore Not Subject To Gambling Laws. Similarly, As Far As We Know, There Is No Law Preventing People From Betting On Horse Racing On Online Wagering Sites Located Abroad. From Hyderabad To America’s Ketki Derby To England’s St. Lager Stakes And Even The Japan Cup, There Are Many Events For Indians To Bet On Their Favorite Sport Through The Web.

Famous Horse Racing Event In India.


Indian Horse Racing Has A Huge Fan Base And There Are Many Types Of Horse Racing. Like Indian Derby, Indian 1000, Guinea 1000, As Well As Any Other Place Where You Can Bet And Win Big Money. Stay Connected With Us To Place Your Best Horse Racing Bets.

If You Are A Fan Of Indian Horse Racing Then Delhi Race Club And Madras Race Club Are Two Of The Most Popular Clubs Where You Will Get To See The Best Action In The World Of Horse Racing.

How To Betting On Site.


Betting On Any Horse Racing Site Is Very Easy, Let Us Tell You How.

  1. First Of All If You Do Not Have Your Account Then Create And Login
  2. Then You Select Horse Racing In The Pay Menu.
  3. Go Through The Odds Of Horse Racing Betting For Various Events And Place Your Bets Accordingly
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