King567 is Real or Fake

King567 is Real or Fake

King567 is Real or Fake: Welcome to India Best Bets, friends. Today’s post will discuss a gaming and earning website. We will review a gaming site called King567 Site today. If you’re new to King567 Site, you may have some questions, such as what is King567 Site? Is King567 Site real or fake? Is King567 Site safe? , How does King567 Site Work? And many more others.

Please read this complete article to get answers to all your questions about King567 is Real or Fake Question.

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What is ‘King567’ Site?

Before heading to know King567 is Real or Fake we first know about King 567. You may have heard about a gambling website named King567 Website. By playing paid games on King567, you can earn a lot of money or win costly rewards.

King567 Site Real or Fake:

Check out this complete review of the King567 Site if you are looking for a quick overview.

King567 is Real or Fake Review:

Site Name – King567

Website URL –

Status – Doubtful

Site Type – Gambling

Language – English

King567 Site probably does not pay so we in review of King567 is Real or Fake said king 567 is fake. Their site may reward a few lucky users to demonstrate its authenticity, So we can said that King567 is Fake.

When we review many reviews on the Internet, we are not surprised to find so many bad reviews and complaints. Because I have reviewed so many sites and games, I know how they work and how to avoid paying for them.

The developers of King567 Site cut you off when you think you are close to getting paid, according to reviews online. That’s how it works.

A website that lacks information about its owner defines it as unsafe.

Licensing or certification issues.

The website lacks transparency as well.

Website with poor design.

There is a lack of good customer service.

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When Was King567 Casino Launched?

It is unknown how King567 Casino came to be. There is no mention in any news articles or press releases of the exact date of its launch.

According to, the casino domain was registered on October 8, 2020. 2022 was probably the year it was discontinued. The Facebook page was created on 14 June 2021.

Is King567 Casino Legit?

At the time of writing this review, there is no indication that King567 is a legitimate online casino. Ezugi is the casino’s software provider, but there is no information about its owner or licenser.

This also explains how the casino has managed to display games from Evolution, NetEnt, and Red Tiger. The same company owns all of them. The lack of a gaming license, however, raises many questions about its legitimacy.

Once Evolution decides to create a casino site, it will take the lead instead of letting an acquired brand like Ezugi do it. This information doesn’t add up!

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How to Log Into King567 Casino?

The casino cannot be accessed at the moment. The King567 Casino login button is prominently displayed on the website. But when you click on it, a window appears asking for your email address and password. As such, there is no sign-up page.

Apparently, King567 once had a sign-up page, but is no longer accepting new registrations. The casino might still be accessible to old players. However, we were new players and I doubt any new signee would be able to do the same.

The casino’s official Facebook page also confirms that it had a registration form in the past. It was possible for people to sign up and play. All of these players, however, have complained of being scammed.

As a result, King567 has been abandoned by the operators. Don’t be surprised if you can’t log in.

Can I Play Games on King567 Casino?

Because we couldn’t sign up or log in to King567 Casino, we couldn’t access the game library. According to the website, Evolution and Ezugi live games are the most popular.

Casino Marina (which is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka) also streams a few of its live games, including Teen Patti, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, and Roulette.

Additionally, it displays slot games mostly from NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming on its site. We doubt that even old players will be able to access the library. King567 may have been a rogue casino that closed down. As a result, its casino games also disappeared.

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Can I Bet on Sports at King567 Casino?

King567 Casino does not have a sportsbook without signing up. Those who can log in may have access to this option.

The casino may have offered sports betting in the past, based on information from past players. However, its owners and admins have abandoned the site itself, so it is no longer available.

Does King567 Casino Have an App?

Neither Google Play nor Apple Store nor its website offer an app for King567 Casino. King567 apk download links are available on several third-party websites. All of them, however, redirect to other casino apps.

Do Punters Face a Deposit Problem on King567

Due to the fact that we were unable to log into the casino, we cannot confirm whether or not the King567 deposit problem is legitimate. However, after reading old player reviews, it’s evident that many faced problems after making a deposit.

There were several payment methods available at the time, including bank transfers, net banking, bitcoin, and UPI (BHIM, Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm). Making a deposit was easy. As a result, you were unable to recover your money once the casino had taken it.

What Is the King567 Withdrawal Time?

In accordance with the casino’s terms and conditions, King567 withdrawals are processed within 72 hours if the amount is up to 2 lakh and within 7 days if the amount exceeds 2 lakh.

In addition, the casino must approve the player account and complete KYC before this timeline can be met. Withdrawals must be at least ₹1000. In addition, the casino limits the amount of withdrawals per day per player to 5x the deposit. Commission-free payouts are available.

Can I Withdraw My King567 Casino Winnings?

We have bad news for old King56 Casino users who want to withdraw winnings. It is almost impossible for you to withdraw winnings since you can no longer log into the site or contact the casino for help.

In addition, the fraud casino has refused to pay out winnings to most players in the past, as evident from its Facebook page discussions.

After making a deposit, winning, and requesting a withdrawal, many players complain that King567 Casino blocks their accounts. No money has ever been paid out by the casino.

Can I Hack Into King567 Casino to Recover My Lost Money?

King567 online casino is currently owned by no one. There is no administrator running it. There is no customer service to assist you or resolve your issues. They don’t have a helpline number. You cannot get back the money you put in it and lost.

To recover your money, we cannot recommend hacking into the system as patrons of safe gambling practices and safe internet browsing. It is always possible to file a police complaint and hope for the best.

What Is the King567 Customer Care Number?

It is currently not possible to reach King567 customer service. There is no contact page on the casino’s website where players can contact customer service. Live chat is also not available.

According to the terms and conditions page, the operator can be contacted via e-mail at Since we didn’t receive a reply to our query, we don’t know whether this ID is valid.

On its Facebook page, the casino mentions another email address:, but we suggest not to bank on an email address that isn’t a business email address.

What Is the King567 Helpline Number?

Currently, there is only one King567 helpline number available: +91 9316650969. Despite the fact that the number works, no one answers.

What Is the King567 WhatsApp Number?

King567’s WhatsApp number is +91 9316650969, the same as its helpline number. We sent several texts, but no one responded. The account belongs to one ‘Swift Tech Support.’ It is even linked to a website called, which is also invalid.

What Is the King567 Admin and Agent Login?

Affiliates of King567 are able to access and admin dashboard through the admin login. Unfortunately, it is no longer functional. is the URL for the admin platform.

What Is the King567 Wikipedia Page?

At the moment, there is no Wikipedia page for King567. There has never been one!

Is the King567 Casino Site Safe?

King567 Casino is anything but safe. Everything about it screams ‘fraud’. Currently, you cannot sign up, deposit, or play at the casino. Even if someone succeeds, there’s no guarantee their money will be safe.

Technology-wise, the site seems pretty secure. The site is HTTPS-enabled and responsive. However, these aren’t enough to consider it a safe place to gamble.

Should I Trust King567 Casino?

You should never trust King567 casino as we found King567 fake in our King567 is Real or Fake section. Here are 10 reasons why (some of them will be repeated):

No license

No owner information

No way to sign in

No access to games

No way to withdraw winnings

No way to recover lost money

Past player complaints

No customer support

Invalid helpline/Whatsapp numbers

No winner stories ever.

Be aware to gamble on King 567 as we found fake in King567 is Real or Fake review.