Golden Roulette

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Extreme Live Gaming’s Golden Roulette is a famous live roulette game that has gained widespread popularity. During the course of the game, one fortunate participant will be able to choose where the ball will be released after 20 spins. One player may have a little impact on the result of the game in this manner. It is necessary to have put the greatest total wager throughout the previous 20 spins in order to be the decider in this round. Beyond the fact that you may choose the location in which the ball should be launched, some casinos additionally host tournaments or award prizes to the Golden Roulette winner. In certain casinos and tournaments, this might be a specific sum of money, gifts, or a percentage of the players’ wager.

Benefits of the Golden Roulette

During the Golden Spin, the winner of the Golden Roulette will have the last say on where the ball will land on the roulette wheel!

Compete against other players to win the Golden Roulette and become the next winner.

Take part in tournaments and compete for great prizes or cash incentives.

Using the high-quality video feed and chat capabilities, you can communicate with other players as well as the live dealer.

Available from ₹1,- up to ₹1000,- per round of roulette!

Where to play Golden Roulette?

The live dealer casino games developed by Extreme Live Gaming are now available at a number of different online casinos. Below is a list of reputable online casinos that offer the Golden Roulette game version as an option. One of our recommendations is to sign up with Satsport Casino. When you join up with Satsport, you will earn a free 10,- in live casino credit. Using this offer, you will be able to test out the Golden Roulette Roulette game without any risk. In addition, Satsport is offering a 100 percent deposit bonus up to a maximum of 250,-. In addition to Extreme Satsport’s live dealer games, the site also offers live dealer games from Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, among other providers. As a result, Satsport’s Live Casino is one of the most comprehensive in the industry! Other reputable casinos that offer the Extreme games are Satsport 247, SatBet, and Satfair, to name a few.

How to play Golden Ball Roulette?

The game of Golden Roulette operates in a manner that is quite similar to that of a standard roulette game. To begin, you will need to register with an online casino that offers this particular game kind. This game is available at a number of reputable online casinos, which are listed in the table below. Once everything is completed, you may launch the game in order to begin betting. It is the same process for placing bets during Golden Roulette as it is for other types of roulette games. All you have to do now is place your chips on your preferred numbers and betting selections. Following the placement of your bets, the ball will be spun, and one of the numbers will be the winning number. If you have made any wagers on that particular number, your profits will be promptly credited to your account. And, thanks to the live video link, you’ll be able to see everything that takes on on your computer screen.

A countdown will also be shown for the Golden Roulette version, in addition to the previous information. The number of rounds left before a new Golden Ball winner is revealed is shown on this countdown counter. The player who has placed the most money on the line over the previous 20 spins will be the one who will be able to determine where the Golden Ball will begin. Once this occurs, the game will be reset, and all players will be able to compete once again for the opportunity to become the next Golden Ball winner.


While playing Golden Roulette, you will collect prizes in the same manner as you would in the majority of traditional European roulette games. If you place bets on the even or odd numbers or on the colors red, black, high or low, you will get a 1:1 return. If you place dozens or column bets, you will get a 2:1 return. If you bet on corners and trios, you will get an 8:1 or 11:1 return on your investment. Depending on whether you place a split or straight wager, you will get odds of 17 to 1 or 35 to 1. Various variations of this game also provide a unique Jackpot reward in addition to the regular awards. You will have the opportunity to win this prize if you place a winning bet that is used as the decider during the Golden Ball game. This increases the appeal of being the Golden Ball winner even more!

Good to know

While playing Golden Roulette there are something that are good to know. First of all you can join this game while placing a bet between  ₹1,- and ₹1000,-. This makes the game perfect for regular players and high rollers. While betting you can use statistics including hot and cold numbers in order to decide where to bet on. In addition to that the statistics show the red/black ratio and the results of the last 250 rounds. Golden Ball Roulette also offer you some interesting settings in order to change the camera view, change the video quality, change the sound level or use shortcuts. Click on the question mark icon for more information about the game, the rules and the game settings.

Golden Ball Live Stream

You will be able to watch the game and the live dealer while you are playing Golden Roulette because of the live video connection that will be established between you and the game. In addition to audio and multiple camera points, this video connection is available. As a result, you will always be able to see what is happening on the roulette wheel as it spins around. Besides that, the stream’s quality is generally excellent, with only a few exceptions (depending on your connection). It is even possible to play this thrilling roulette variant on your smartphone or tablet. It is possible to play Golden Ball Roulette at the Golden Ball Roulette studio in London, which is accessible to players from all over Europe. To give this game a shot, log into your preferred online casino.

Golden Ball Roulette Strategy

The game of Golden Ball Roulette doesn’t come with a lot of strategies. While betting you can use your normal roulette strategy in order to try to win some money. In addition to this you can think of a strategy to become the next Golden Roulette winner. One way to do this is to for example place a very high last total bet. In this way people wont expect you will go for the winning spot during that round. In addition to this strategy you can also decide to place a bit higher bets then most other players. In this way it will become to expense for other players to become the winner during that round. In my opinion it is clever to decide when you want to win a round, and invest good in that round. After that round you can decide to skip the battle and save some money for the next round.

It is also difficult to choose what to do after obtaining the Golden Roulette. Even though you can determine where the ball will need to enter the wheel, it is very difficult to anticipate where the ball will stop after it has entered the wheel. As a result, the majority of individuals just bet and choose a number. Other others attempt to calculate a fair number based on some statistical analysis of previous rounds. Does your Golden Ball plan differ from the rest of your team’s approach? Please share your thoughts with us in a comment!

Our Verdict about Golden Ball Roulette

After trying out the Golden Ball Roulette for a while I must say it think this game variant is pretty unique and exciting. A became the Golden Roulette winner a few times and during this spin you really feel like you can change the game. Although the game is still a game of luck this extra game element is very enjoyable. On top of this I really enjoy that I can interact with the dealer and other players using the chat. In this way you can share your thought while having a great or very bad run. On other nice benefit of Golden Ball Roulette is that some casino offer tournaments with money bonuses, amazing prizes and cashbacks. In this way the chance of winning something is a bit better!

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