Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming: Each passing day, more and more people are growing interested in poker, and for good reason! Everyone should have the opportunity to learn about, experiment with, and enjoy a game that is simultaneously entertaining, exhilarating, and gratifying. However, we are all aware that an excessive amount of anything is harmful, and poker is no different.

We, at Adda52, want our gamers to have an unrivaled gaming experience, which includes engaging in Responsible Gaming practices wherever possible. It is possible to refer to a player who understands the following as a responsible gamer.

  • when it is appropriate to play
  • sometimes it is appropriate to take a break
  • as well as how to fully adhere to the game’s regulations

We must make certain that you do not get disoriented while navigating the fascinating world of poker, and that you instead continue to play and enjoy yourself with all of the advantages that it has to offer without being badly impacted by excessive participation.

Let us first address how you may assist yourself in achieving the practice of responsible gaming, and then we can go on to discuss what we can do to assist you in this endeavor.

How can you help yourself for Responsible Gaming:

We are always there for you to ensure you indulge in responsible gaming. However, here are a few steps you can take from your end to be a more responsible gamer.

  • Learn how to manage your bankroll effectively. For this, you must always play within the limits and stakes you can afford. For example, Generally, one should have at least 100+ buy-in for the stakes they choose to play. Of course, this will vary for tournaments with different formats and stakes. But the point is to never play with more than you can afford to lose.

  • Keep a separate budget for playing. Do not play with the money you have kept for some other important or essential purposes.

  • Keep studying and analyzing your game so you can figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Be mindful of your performance so you know when to stop.

  • Keep studying and analyzing your game so you can figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Be mindful of your performance so you know when to stop.

  • Do not play when you are tired, overwhelmed, or under great stress. Moreover, you should also not play when you are in the middle of working or doing something important. Allocate a separate and specific time for playing.

  • Do not chase your losses in an attempt to recoup them at tables with higher stakes.

  • Make sure to draw a firm line between playing for entertainment and playing for money so you know when you are crossing it. Always play for the former.

  • Let playing be just one part of your life and NOT the whole of it. Find other sources of entertainment too so you can maintain a proper balance between playing and other activities and hobbies.

  • Avoid playing while under the influence of alcohol.

How can we help on Responsible Gaming?

Firstly, in order to access responsible gaming options on our platform, follow these simple steps –

Desktop – Main Lobby > Options > Responsible Gaming

Mobile – Settings > Responsible Gaming

  • – Table Limits

Playing and showing your poker skills can be really tempting but we do not want you to get carried away. Therefore, you can set the table blind limits. Blinds can be selected from the drop-down and once you select your limit, you will not be able to play at the tables that exceed your imposed limit.

The best part is that once you set the limits, you will not be able to increase or remove them for the next 7 days, however, you can always decrease the limits.

  • – Tournament and SNG Buy-in Limits

If you choose this option, you can set the but-in limit on playing in tournaments or SNG, and goes without saying – once you set the limit, you cannot play any tournaments or SNG that have buy-ins with more than the set limit. You can only request an increase or removal of the limit 7 days after your existing limit has been set.

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