This guide will teach you everything you need to know about increasing your chances of winning at roulette and obtaining higher odds when you participate in this thrilling casino activity.

As a beginner, I’ll provide you with all of the necessary information to get started and have the best possible chance of winning when playing the roulette wheel.

Do you already have the feeling of being a roulette pro?

Then I’ll offer some actionable hacks and betting strategy suggestions with you, in the hopes that they will be of assistance to you.

Finally, a conclusion

The information in this book will be invaluable if you want to learn how to increase your chances of winning at roulette.

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Getting Started with the Game of Roulette

My new all-in-one roulette tutorial will include instructions on how to appropriately set up the game in this section, which will be available soon. Is this a little too banal for your tastes? Playing roulette needs patience and effort on the part of the player. Focusing on the appropriate things is essential if you want to increase your chances of winning money while playing roulette machines. Take, for example, this one.
Important Note: Roulette is a gambling game, and as such, its outcome is entirely dependent on chance. Even while the house advantage changes based on the roulette variation you choose to play, it is never zero. It is possible to win at roulette using a variety of various roulette methods; nevertheless, it is not always possible to win at roulette. Instead of placing all of your money on the erroneous bets, you should concentrate on placing your money on the ones that have the highest prospects of winning. Also, if you ever get the impression that things are getting a bit out of hand, take this simple test. Believe me when I say that a little assistance goes a long way.

You may increase your odds of winning at roulette by properly setting up the game and having everything ready before you begin, rather than when you are playing.

For this reason, the following sections of this roulette tutorial are separated into distinct sections:

  • The ‘before’ you play
  • The ‘while’ you play
  • The betting strategies


Take each and every one of these parts extremely carefully. It is only after you have learned how to utilize the roulette strategies I have provided you with here that you will be able to maximize your chances of winning in roulette.

In my opinion, it doesn’t make a difference whether you bet with real money or if you utilize free chips to play a Freeplay roulette game online. My objective is to provide you with access to all of the roulette tactics that will assist you in achieving potentially greater outcomes than you now have.

Also, please keep in mind that I do not have any systems to guarantee that you will win at roulette every time you play, nor do I have any recommendations to help you defeat the game. Roulette is a well-defined game with a definite casino advantage over the player.


All I can help you do is:

  • Choose the best sites to play
  • Pick the games with the best odds
  • Pick the ‘safest’ bets

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As you go through this tutorial to find out what the optimal bet in roulette is, you will see a number of links that will take you to various online casino websites.

All of them provide both free and real money roulette games, and, more significantly, all of them have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by the Indiabestbets editorial staff before being included.

There are no better websites to play roulette games online than those mentioned above.

Keep in mind that you are merely playing for entertainment purposes. Roulette is one of the most fascinating casino games available — and alone should be sufficient incentive for you to participate.

Making the error of going online with the intention of winning money on roulette every time you play is a mistake. Because gambling should not be about gaining financial advantage.

Rather of worrying about winning, concentrate on having fun. Feel free to play these free roulette games if you wish, and utilize my tried-and-true roulette strategy ideas to get even more enjoyment out of your roulette games.

Don’t Be Hasty: First, have a look at the game.

This is the fundamental guideline that every skilled roulette player adheres to. Once you have determined that you have located the most appropriate roulette table for your needs, let the roulette wheel to spin for a few of spins before placing your initial wager.

You want to do this in order to have a better understanding of the table and the players that are currently involved in the action.

Roulette Betting Strategies

Finally, let’s have a look at the most complex section of this guide: the roulette betting tactics section.

Due to the fact that this is an essay for novices who are interested in finding out whether there is a method to learn how to win at roulette (there isn’t), I will not go into great detail on the topic.

I have additional intermediate strategy articles on Indiabestbets where I go over all of the specifics and intricacies of the various roulette betting strategies. You can read those articles here.


It is recommended that you use them if you are a skilled player (for example, you have won 1,000 or more roulette games — and not all in one night) and you are seeking a comprehensive guide to give your casino account a fresh lease of life.


But, if all you want is a high-level review of the many betting methods that might help you increase your odds of winning at roulette, you’ve come to the right place.

One of the most well-known betting strategies in the world of gambling is known as the Martingale method.

What’s my best guess? The martingale approach is one of the most popular betting strategies used while playing roulette since it is the simplest betting strategy available.

However, the fact that you can learn it in less than five minutes does not imply that the Martingale betting strategy is effective while playing roulette.

This does not happen. (Spoiler alert: it does not.)

The fundamentals of this betting strategy are straightforward: every time you put a wager and lose, you should place another bet with x times the amount of money you lost on the first bet.

When you follow this strategy, you are sure to break even and recover all of your roulette losses as soon as you win even a single wager on the table.

There is, however, a catch to this.

You may find that the exponential increase of your bets becomes unmanageable if you do not win a game within a few spins.

Consider the following scenario: you are betting ₹2000 on each spin and you have decided to use the Martingale betting technique. If you lose eight consecutive bets, the following is what will happen:

Bet Number Amount Spin Outcome
1. ₹2000 Lost
2. ₹4000 Lost
3. ₹8000 Lost
4. ₹16000 Lost
5. ₹32000 Lost
6. ₹64000 Lost
7. ₹1,28,000 Lost
8. ₹2,56,000 Lost

The Martingale creates the appearance of a safety net, but if you decide to include it in your repertoire of roulette techniques, you should proceed with caution.

Make sure to begin with the smallest stake permitted and to attentively observe the evolution of the game.

The Grand Martingale Betting System (also known as the Martingale Betting System)

The Grand Martingale roulette method, which is a (pricey) variation of the ordinary Martingale roulette system, is another strategy that many players use in their (ineffective) attempt to defeat the game of roulette.

The Grand Martingale operates in the same way as the Martingale, but on a much larger scale. Every time you double your stake, you also add an additional amount equal to the amount of your original bet. This is known as the doubling multiplier.

If you follow my recommendation to begin with the smallest possible wager, you will always bet twice the amount of your lost wager plus an additional minimum wager on top of that.

Here’s how it works based on the previous example:

Bet Number Amount Spin Outcome
1. ₹2000 Lost
2. ₹4000 + ₹2000 Lost
3. ₹8000 + ₹2000 Lost
4. ₹16000 + ₹2000 Lost
5. ₹32000 + ₹2000 Lost
6. ₹64000 + ₹2000 Lost
7. ₹1,28,000 + ₹2000 Lost
8. ₹2,56,000 + ₹2000 Lost

How to Win at Roulette with James Bond Method

The James Bond method, which is also known as the beginners’ favorite, is a combination of bets that gives you the greatest chances of winning in the game of roulette.


The James Bond roulette technique requires you to put the following bets on the same spin in order to be successful.

ten cents on the zero and one hundred forty cents on the 19-36 box

on the 13-18 package, 50 cents

What makes this one of the most effective roulette methods so effective?

In roulette, you only lose if the ball stops on a number between 1 and 12 when the wheel comes to a halt.