Top 10 Most runs conceded in an innings in T20 World Cup

Top 10 Most runs conceded in an innings in T20 World Cup

Top 10 Most runs conceded in an innings in T20 World Cup: T20 is a game for batters, and the bowlers have very little room for error. When you bowl a four-over spell, it changes the whole game. And there are many times when a bowler gives up a lot of runs, which makes his team lose. In this cruel game, that is a huge crime.

And if it’s a World Cup match, the bowlers are under a lot of pressure because one bad game could put their team out of the running. It can even get worse on a bad day. In some games, bowlers gave up runs at a rate of more than 15 per over. So, in this article, we’ll look at the most expensive bowling spells in T20 World Cup history.

3. Lemeck Onyango (61 runs) vs. Sri Lanka, 2007 ICC

Lameck Onyango 61 runs vs. Sri Lanka
Lameck Onyango (61 runs) vs. Sri Lanka, 2007 ICC

This was one of the most important T20 World Cup games ever played. In the first innings, it had one of the highest team scores ever. Sri Lanka and Kenya played in the 8th match of the 2007 World Cup. Kenya chose to bat first after they won the toss, but this was the exact opposite of what they would have liked. The Sri Lankan batters hit their bowlers very hard. Sanath Jayasuriya, in particular, had a great innings, scoring 88 runs off of 44 balls.

Skipper Jayawardene also hit 65 off of 27 balls, and Jehan Mubarak’s late cameo of 46 off of 13 balls helped Sri Lanka make a huge score of 260/6. Every Kenyan bowler had a terrible time on the field that day. Lemeck Onyango didn’t get any wickets in that game and gave up 61 runs in four overs, which was the third worst bowling performance. As Kenya tried to reach this huge goal, things went wrong and they were all out for 88 runs. In that match, Sri Lanka won by 172 runs, which was the most runs of any team’s win.

2. Mashrafe Mortaza (63 runs) at 2014 ICC Event

Mashrafe Mortaza 63 runs at 2014 ICC Event
Mashrafe Mortaza (63 runs) at 2014 ICC Event

This was the second time on the list, and Pakistani batsmen attacked the bowler again. This was the 27th match between Bangladesh and Pakistan at the 2014 event. Pakistan won the flip of the coin and decided to bat first. Ahmed Shehzad kept swinging his bat and made a great unbeaten hundred. He got 111 runs off of 62 balls, which helped his team get 190 runs in total.

Except for one or two, Pakistan beat every bowler from Bangladesh. They hit their best bowler, Mashrafe Mortaza, to all parts of the ground. So, he had the second most expensive spell in the history of the T20 World Cup. In his four overs, he gave up 63 runs without taking any wickets. As Bangladesh tried to reach the goal, they only got to 140/7 and lost the match by 50 runs.

1. Sanath Jayasuriya (64 runs) vs. Pakistan, 2007 World Cup

Sanath Jayasuriya 64 runs vs. Pakistan
Sanath Jayasuriya (64 runs) vs. Pakistan, 2007 World Cup

This is a bad record for Sanath Jayasuriya, who was known for his fast hitting and hitting the ball very hard. Sri Lanka and Pakistan played this match, which was the 16th of the first edition in 2007. Sri Lanka chose to bowl first after they won the toss. Pakistan lost their first three batsmen quickly, with only 33 runs on the board. But then, Shoaib Malik and Younis Khan, two experienced pros, added 101 runs to the fourth wicket and each reached their 50s.

Malik got 57 runs off of 31 balls, and Younis got 52 runs off of 35 balls. Both of them smashed the bowlers all over the field. Jayasuriya, who is more than just a good bowler, had a particularly bad day in that match. In his four overs, he gave up 64 runs without taking any wickets. Pakistan got a score of 189. In trying to reach the goal, Sri Lanka could only get to 156/9 and lost the game by 33 runs. With this, Jayasuriya set a record for giving up the most runs in a single innings.

The Worst Bowling Performances in the Twenty20 World Cup

Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)64416Pakistan2007
Mashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)63415.75Pakistan2014
Lemeck Onyango (Kenya)61415.25Sri Lanka2007
Stuart Broad (England)60415India2007
Mitchell Starc (Australia)60415New Zealand2021
Naveen-ul-haq (Afghanistan)59414.75India2021
NN Odhiambo (Kenya)57414.25Sri Lanka2007
Joginder Sharma (India)57414.25England2007
Brett Lee (Australia)56414West Indies2009
Izatullah Dawlatzai (Afghanistan)56418.66England2013
Most runs conceded in an innings in T20 World Cup

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