Who is the most dangerous batsman in ipl history

Who is the most dangerous batsman in ipl history

Who is the most dangerous batsman in ipl?

Who is the most dangerous batsman in ipl history? The players in the IPL are auctioned off to the ten different clubs. There have been countless brilliant displays by athletes from all across the world over the years. In this post, we’ll take a look back at the IPL’s history and rank the top ten batsmen.

Who is the most dangerous batsman in ipl history
Who is the most dangerous batsman in ipl history

There are a lot of players from many different countries in the tournament, so just taking one name won’t be enough to prove the answer. So, we’ve made a list of the 10 players who are thought to be the most dangerous.

Ab De Villiers

People think that the South African star is the best player in the IPL. De Villiers does not need to be introduced. He is a person who can hit the ball anywhere on the ground.

De Villiers has never been under pressure, but bowlers who face him always are. He is the crowd’s and the Bangalore team’s favorite. During the IPL, he has hit more than 4,800 runs and 625 fours. He is, without a doubt, the most dangerous batsman in the IPL.

Chris Gayle

The player from the West Indies is definitely one of the Dangerous Batsmen. Gayle has often put on a show in the IPL. In the IPL, he has scored 175* runs in a single match, which is his best score. He got that score by hitting 17 sixes and 13 fours in just 30 balls.

David Warner

David Warner, an Australian left-hander, is next on the list. Warner is known as one of the best cricket players of all time, and David is the same way in the IPL.

He is one of the few players to have hit more than 5000 runs. Warner has more than 5200 runs. He has won the Orange Cap more times than any other player in the IPL. He has won it three times.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, an Indian player, is third on the list. He is a great batsman, the king of the IPL, and the captain of the Indian Cricket team. Since the IPL started, Kohli has played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team, which has done very well in many seasons.

RCB has never won the IPL title, which is a shame. Kohli’s best year in IPL was 2016, when he played the best. In that season, he scored 973 runs, which is the most ever in a single season. Kohli has made 5878 runs in the IPL, and 704 of them have been fours.

MS Dhoni

The former captain of the Indian team is definitely on the list, taking the fifth spot. Fans of Dhoni also call him the “God of IPL.” Dhoni is the Chennai Super Kings’ favorite player because he has always worn the yellow jersey during his IPL career.

He is not only a great batter, but also a great captain. CSK has put on some great shows over the years, thanks in part to Dhoni’s smarts and intelligence.

With the help of Dhoni, CSK has even won the IPL three times. Dhoni is the calmest person on the field, and we have never seen him lose hope or make a mistake. In 204 IPL games, Dhoni has hit 529 boundaries and scored 4632 runs.

Andre Russell

In international cricket, Jamaican cricketer Andre Russell represents the West Indies. Russell is regarded as one of the IPL’s most dangerous hitters due to his exceptional batting.

Russell began his professional career in 2012 with the Delhi Daredevils, but he didn’t get much of a chance to shine because of numerous injuries. He joined the KKR team in 2015, though, and since then he has consistently put on a display.

In the same year, he was also given the Most Valuable Player honor. Andre has played in 74 games and amassed more than 1500 runs, including eight half-centuries.

Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina, an Indian player who bats with his left hand, is on the list of Dangerous Batsmen in IPL. Raina is a great batter, and in the IPL, he has scored more than 5,000 runs.

Raina is on the Chennai Super Kings team, and he has shown time and time again what he can do. In 2015, he did his best in the IPL against the Kings XI Punjab team. Raina got 87 runs in 25 pitches. The other players on the team don’t feel much pressure because of how well he hits.

Raina hasn’t done such a great job in the last 3 seasons, which is a shame. He hasn’t played for a while, but we hope to see him back to his old self in the next IPL season.